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Ship your goods by super Express Minivan roadfreight with changing drivers faster than airfreight

Ship your goods by super Express Minivan roadfreight with changing drivers faster than airfreight


As a manufacturer, you know timing is everything. However, sometimes unpredictable things happen and you just need to get your goods moving as quickly as possible without any more delay. YES! Now NGL has solution for you; since 2015 we are running our Super Express Minivan fleet, each year we add more knowledge, proffesionality together with increasing number of our units. We can handle your time critical bookings all around Europe.


Perfect for suppliers when you are running out of time


When your products are ready to be dispatched in urgent there is no time to waste, every second counts. Because you know late deliveries can lead to significant losses and damaged. This is especially true for industries producing high-value goods such as the automotive industry and season sales for textiles.


Sometimes trucks get stuck at the borders, can not move due to whether conditions or planes get delayed. In these cases, you just need to get your goods moving quickly. For sure, truck drivers has some rules to obtain such as breaks, sleep times and moving hours for trucks. Especially during summer time, most of the countries have driving bands too.


All of these regulated by law. By our express minivan services, your goods never stand still by non stop driving and changing drivers with the fresh ones, your goods are always moving from dispatch point till the destination without any brake. Just to remind you, Minivans are like your personal car, no tacho breaks nor border waiting like trucks needed.


How fast is this new express road service ?


to give an idea how fast our minivan service, lets give you some samples by comparing road and air freights. for instance, from İstanbul to Poland \ Wroclaw, groupage load up to 1350 kg which is also maximum weight limit of Minivan, takes 7-8 days to arrive buyer’s door if there is not so log queues at the borders.


By minivan it takes 3 days door to door. By airfreight, from İstanbul to warsaw 1 day another day for ccl and another day for inland from warsaw to wroclaw if there can not arrange inland haulage during from airport to receiver. So Minivan is safe and faster for door to door even from airfreight.


From İstanbul to Finland Helsinki; it takes 9-10 days under normal conditions, by minivan it takes 3,5-4 days due to ferry time from Tallin.


Sounds promising ?


With our new express road service, we take care of your time-sensitive goods 24/7. Just call or email us and we will send you a quote within the hour. Everything is included in the price. Our Minivans can load up to 1350 kg and can get 10 stackable Euro plts or 14 cbm loose cargo. Measures of minivans are 180*400*190.


To book your transport, please get contact with for more information, we are inviting you to visit our linkedin and web pages.